A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is a distributed, self-organizing network of numerous sensors and actuators which are interconnected with a radio channel. The area of covering of this network can start from a few meters to several kilometres due to the ability of the elements of the network to transmit information from the one to another with the help of the radio signal.

Like every technology WSN was invented for the military purposes, particularly for the detection of the submarines in the international waters. The technology appeared in the middle of the 1990-ies and developed in 2000-s alongside with the improvement of the microelectronics, which provided WSN with the cheap and effective basis. Many spheres of the human activity are interested in the integration of the sensor networks and the number of clients has been increasing constantly.

Generally, nearly every company of every sphere which wants to control its resources and material values requires protection and security and the means of WSN become quite useful in this occasion. With the development of microelectronics new practical and theoretical problems appear, connected with the sensor networks in industry, public utilities, home firms, etc. The use of the cheap and effective wireless sensor devices of control opens the new horizons in the control and protection of the museums and monitoring of their installations, management of the finance, control of the ecological parameters of the environment, etc.

Wireless Sensor Network Case Study

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